The MedStar Duology is written by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry. Set in 20 BBY, the duology focuses on a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit on the front lines of the Clone Wars, where Barriss Offee has been stationed.

The duology contains MedStar I: Battle Surgeons and MedStar II: Jedi Healer, both released in 2004.

A Hardcover omnibus collecting both novels in a single volume was published by the Science Fiction Book Club.

Publisher's summary[]

“The galaxy-wide civil war between the Republic and the Separatists is a war fought on a thousand fronts, with heroism and sacrifices on both sides. But nowhere is fighting more fierce than on the fetid swamp world of Drongar, where a ragtag military medical unit wages a never-ending war of its own…

Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee and Chief Surgeon Jos Vondar are two of a handful of Republic medics on Drongar, where battle rages over the control of bota, a priceless plant that can be found nowhere else in the galaxy. The pace is brutal, as an endless line of medlifters brings in the wounded and dying—mostly clone troopers, but also soldiers of other species. And the conditions are nearly impossible, as both organic healers and medical droids battle soaring temperatures and humidity, monsoons with devastating electrical storms, pestilential life forms and constant technical malfunctions to save lives.

For Jos Vondar—a wisecracking surgeon who sees clones as interchangeable body parts, droids as simple machines and attractive Lorrdian nurses as socially unsuitable for romance—Drongar will become a theatre for love, grief, epiphany… and treachery.

For Barriss Offee—A Jedi in training, whose primary mandate is to augment the doctors and surgeons, but also to make sure the bota is harvested, packed and shipped correctly—Drongar will be her trial by fire, the test that will determine whether or not she has what it takes to be a Jedi Knight.

But while the healers desperately cope with both personal and medical crises, others plot to profit from the chaos – either by dealing bota on the black market or by manipulating the events of the war itself.“

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