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The Medal of Valor, later known as the Imperial Medal of Valor, was a prestigious military award in the Galactic Republic and later the Imperial Military. It was an award of some significance, although presumably secondary to the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor. It was presented to Imperial soldiers for conspicuous bravery on the field of battle, and was awarded in a semi-annual manner. It was also important enough that its awarding has Novatroopers present to oversee the ceremony, which is considered a rare sight.

Known recipients include General Garza, who received it for her actions during the Great Galactic War;[3] Nick Rostu and Liane Trevval;[1] Kyle Katarn and Rom Mohc, who received the medal three times. The award was a live-fire award and possibly required wounding for its achievement. Elara Dorne received two Medals of Valor for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire in enemy territory before joining Havoc Squad. The members of Tango Company within the Stormtrooper Corps was also awarded the Medal of Valor for its role in the Lasan Suppression.



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