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A medals case is a type of container for storing various awards, namely Flight Badges, Battle Patches, medals, and tour ribbons, either due to personal preference, or because there is not enough room on the uniform to include them.

Keyan Farlander owned a medals case, where he had kept his B-wing Flight Badge, his B-Wing Battle Patches, his Talons of Hoth medal, his Shield of Yavin medal, and his tour ribbons for the Imperial pursuit and his participation in the B-Wing project.

Ace Azzameen preferred to keep his medals in a medals case.

Maarek Stele was implied to keep a medals case to store the medals he earned from his tour of duty as a TIE pilot.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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    Priest: You [Maarek Stele] have earned dozens of commendations and a chest full of medals.
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