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|pl=Medd Tandar
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Tandar, Medd}}

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Medd Tandar was a male Cerean Jedi Knight who survived the New Sith Wars and went on to serve the Council of First Knowledge in their quest to locate and recover all remaining Sith artifacts across the galaxy.


Entering into the Jedi Order during the tumultuous New Sith Wars, Medd Tandar, was able to survive the conflict thanks in part to Jedi Master Obba's teachings and guidance. After serving as Obba's Padawan for sometime, Tandar was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight and returned to the Coruscant Jedi Temple after the war ended. While the Ruusan Reformation swept across the Republic, reform within the Order itself was well underway as Grand Master Fae Coven championed steps to canonize Jedi doctrine and take the Order back to its monastic roots. Finding his place in the re-energized era of Jedi history, Jedi Tandar became an agent of the Council of First Knowledge, led by Caretaker Restelly Quist, and set out on missions to recover all existing Sith artifacts that survived the war.[1]

In 980 BBY, the Council dispatched Jedi Tandar to Doan to recover a small cache of artifacts buried deep in a tomb beneath the surface. Imbued with the dark side of the Force, Tandar could sense the artifacts as he approached and hoped to get them back to the Temple as soon as possible. While on Doan, Tandar was also assigned to negotiate with the Doan Royal House and the rebelling mining caste in hopes of preventing a civil war on the planet. During negotiations in a cavern under the planet's surface, Tandar met with caste Representative Gelba and five other miners and hoped to quickly end the conflict so he could recover the artifacts and return to Coruscant. As negotiations drew out, Tandar sensed a disturbance in the Force and opened himself up to the larger Living Force. Sensing they were all in danger, Tandar did not react quick enough to protect the miners. An Iktotchi female assassin known as the Huntress suddenly ambushed the group, shooting and killing Gelba before assassinating the remaining workers.[1]

Tandar once again attempted to open up to the Force very slowly; he reached out and pulled the assassin's weapons free from her grasp. However, as she retreated he realized too late that this was a trap; the power cells of the blasters had been set to overload. As they exploded, killing him, Tandar finally understood the true horror of the dark side.[1]


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