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The Medical Corps (or MedCorps) was one of the four branches of the Service Corps of the Jedi Order. Along with the Educational Corps, the MedCorps was one of the smallest parts of the larger Service Corps due to the already widespread teaching of the healing arts.


Serving in the Jedi Temple's Halls of Healing, the MedCorps maintained an infirmary there which rivaled the finest medical institutes in the galaxy. At the Temple, a dedicated high-speed transport system connected the infirmary with the Republic Central Medcenter which was used to bring in non-Jedi with severe injuries or in need of specialized healing. Membership within the MedCorps included those Jedi who did not pass the Trials given to Initiates and were no longer eligible to walk the path of the Jedi Knights. Serving mainly as medical technicians or assistants to the healers who roamed the Halls, these individuals were often deployed onto the battlefield during conflicts within the Galactic Republic to serve as triage surgeons.[1]

Following the execution of Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the MedCorps was dissolved and all its members were executed, or went into hiding. Decades later when the Order was rebuilt, Grand Master Luke Skywalker opted not to reform the MedCorps or the Circle of Healers in favor of incorporating the ideas of both groups into the mainstream Jedi Order.[1]

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