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Darth Vader in his meditation chamber.

A meditation chamber, or Qabbrat in Ancient Sith, was a place where a Jedi or a Sith could meditate to enhance their powers with the Force.


Visas Marr was given use of a meditation chamber by Darth Nihilus aboard his flagship, the Ravager. She had her final meditation there before killing her master, being the place where she finally felt the value of compassion. Also, Atris had a large meditation chamber in which she stored Sith holocrons. Lord Kaan used a spherical meditation chamber on board his flagship, Nightfall, from which he directed the forces of the Brotherhood of Darkness using his powerful abilities of battle meditation. Darth Sidious maintained a secret meditation chamber in the spire of the then Chancellor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center on Coruscant following the start of the Clone Wars.

Count Dooku meditates in his private chambers aboard his personal frigate.

Count Dooku maintained a meditation chamber aboard his personal frigate. After Anakin Skywalker allowed himself to be captured and imprisoned aboard Dooku's frigate, Obi-Wan Kenobi rescued him and the two made their way to the Count's meditation chamber. There, they found Dooku sitting cross-legged and meditating on a round platform. When they moved to capture the Sith Lord, the floor beneath the platform gave way to an escape hatch.

Darth Vader's meditation chamber was a specially pressurized, black hyperbaric capsule where he could sit and breathe without requiring his body suit. A mechanical claw assembly removed his helmet, allowing him to breathe the hyper-oxygenated environment without his mask, which was otherwise necessary. One chamber, surrounded by diagnostic computers, was placed on his flagship, the Executor, and contained a hologram projection pod for communications with his Master. Another, larger chamber was located in the Bast Castle on Vjun. It was within the privacy of these chambers that Vader could mourn his late wife Padmé Amidala, and where he hid his lamented reflections on his terrible past from Emperor Palpatine. He also attempted to heal the injuries suffered on Mustafar using the dark side energies focused within the chamber. However, while he did succeed to some degree, his progress was minimal at best as the joy he felt upon healing himself banished the dark side and returned his body to its scarred state, a puzzle the Dark Lord was unable to solve.



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