A female Jedi using Empty Meditation

"The stillness of Empty Meditation allows Jedi to center themselves and achieve deep inner peace."
Jedi Master Skarch Vaunk[src]

The Meditation of Emptiness, also known as Empty Meditation, was a technique used by the Jedi Order to purge oneself of feelings to create an emotional anchor.


Jedi Knights were taught this meditative ability, which involved emptying themselves of feelings and opening themselves to the Force. This shedding of emotions and feelings allowed the user to center themselves in simple power as well as the strength of the Force. Jedi Masters explained that this act was like finding an eye of calm within the center of one's storm of emotions.

Through this act, all memories as well as thoughts and feelings were ignored or treated as if they were shadows which allowed a Jedi to find a place where there was nothing else but peace.

Meditation of Emptiness was also an effective technique for a Jedi to use to combat external mental influence or attack, such as the Jedi mind trick.[1]



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