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"There is no passion; there is serenity."
―The Jedi Code[src]

The Meditative Canyon was a vast cavernous expanse, location on the arid planet of Ambria. The canyon was a powerful nexus of Force energy, and to those who were familiar with its location, it served as a serene environment ideal for meditating on the Force.


"Then come, we will go to the hills. There is a ceremony I must perform. Bring your daughter. She, too, is my apprentice."
―Master Thon, to Nomi Sunrider about the canyon.[src]

Layout of the Meditative Canyon

Situated within the Tiernvael Mountains in the northern-central region of the planet, Ambria's Meditative Canyon rested slightly above the planet's equatorial divide. This dry and desolate mountain landscape received even less precipitation than other areas of the planet, due to high interference from Ambria's ring system. Violent dust storms plagued the canyon, though at times there were moments of total serenity. Thus, predicting the weather near the mountains was nigh-impossible due to influence from Ambria's rings.[1]

At the base of the canyon was a river that flowed throughout the canyon's total expanse, with natural rock and crystal formations protruding upwards. Several waterfalls drained into the river, the longest of which had a four hundred meter plunge. The canyon also consisted of many levels, the strata of which could be easily seen by anyone who chose to look. Further down into the canyon, the colors of these various strata formations took on various colors and shapes, some having cliffs or even steep ledges. Caves were also more prevalent as the canyon deepened. Stalagmites of crystal could be found within these caves, though not the type able to influence the Force. The deepest levels of the canyon have never been explored. Due to its high concentration of Force energy, the Meditative Canyon was an ideal location for a Jedi to commune with the Force.[1]



Beast Master Thon, standing on the precipice of the Meditative Canyon.

Though the Force was heavily focused in the canyon, wildlife generally inhabited Ambria elsewhere. When miners settled on the planet, they forsook the canyon and delved in other regions of the landscape. The life forms that did reside in the canyon had learned to survive in the harsh conditions the canyon subjected them to. Neeks, small terrestrial reptiles native to Ambria's wasteland environment, could be found in groups residing within the canyon's depths. Also, staga beasts frequented the areas surrounding the Meditative Canyon. These large, green beasts were herded and tended to near the canyon by Ambria's resident Jedi Master, the Tchuukthai Thon.[1]

On Ambria, near the canyon, Master Thon set up a Jedi training praxeum where he would bring young individuals to learn the ways of the Force. He and his first known Padawan, the Vultan Oss Wilum, raised and cared for a herd of Staga beasts that Thon brought to Ambria with him.[2]

In 990 BBY, Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane took up residence on Ambria, near Lake Natth and not far from the canyon. He set up a small camp for himself and his apprentice Zannah. The accommodations were meager, but sufficient enough to serve as both a training ground for Zannah, and a base of operations for Bane, as well as a home of sorts for both.[3]



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