The medium style of lightsaber combat was a style used by New Jedi Order Jedi such as Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr.

Description[edit | edit source]

An intermediate style between the fast and the strong styles, the medium style was based on a perfect equilibrium between speed and power. More often than not, the medium style was the first taught to a lightsaber duelist. It was simple in technique, yet more technical and powerful forms could be built from its foundation.[1][2]

Users of the medium style would typically utilize a neutral stance, the lightsaber being held in medium position in front of the user ready for both defensive and offensive maneuvers.[1][2]

Applications[edit | edit source]

A Jedi using the medium style to dispose of two Tusken Raiders.

The medium style struck a balance between the powerful but slow swings of the strong style and the short but swift strikes of the fast style. The medium style was very simple in design, and that is both a strength and weakness. It was an excellent style to fall back onto when nothing else worked, and could provide a respectable offense and defense. It could effectively combat blasters and hold less skilled lightsaber duelist at bay. However, more skilled gunslingers (such as Boba Fett) or more talented lightsaber duelists (such as Luke Skywalker) would very rapidly break a medium style defense. The same holds true in offense, as a skilled duelist would rapidly destroy the user's momentum and counterattack.[1][2]

This style bore some similarities to the Shii-Cho and Niman forms of the Old Jedi Order, both combining elements of multiple combat forms, yet being simple and basic.

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