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"There's also something called a medkit that works just fine, better really, but it's bulky."
Platt Okeefe[src]


A medkit was a larger version of a medpac. These could often be used up to ten times before needing to be restocked with supplies. The compact packages were designed to provide a trained medic with the tools necessary for field care, yet also allowed untrained users to provide emergency care.

Medkits contained diagnostic instruments that could be used to detect both injuries and diseases. The scanner/computer unit was placed directly on the patient and automatically gave simple directions for care and treatment of injuries, unless the user keyed in a specific sequence to indicate their advanced medical training. The medical computer was not without limits however. Because of their simple design and focus on user-friendliness, the units were usually programmable for diagnosing only one species at a time. Additionally, the kits usually included a hypospray with several medical vials, a spray splint and bandage, a sonic scalpel, laser cauterizer, bone stabilizer compound, and a basic sample analyzer with a few sample vials.

Medkits were often used aboard starships and worked better than medpacs according to Platt Okeefe. However, medkits were more bulky than medpacs and could not be carried around in one's belt.

One well-known was the BioTech medkit, which was used by Platt Okeefe aboard the Last Chance.



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