Meekah Hozard was a Duros who lead the Blood Tachs swoop gang.


Hozard was born in poverty on the planet Taris, in its Undercity. He was only able to survive due to his quick reflexes and used these to try and avoid the Humans of Taris, when they came to the Undercity to attack other species. However, on one occasion, his luck ran out and he was chased by a group of Human teenagers on speeder bikes. Hozard was cornered, so he pretended to be hurt, then stabbed the group's leader with a knife when he was approached by him. The other teenagers fled, but Hozard chased after them on the leader's bike and killed three more. Afterward, he recovered all the abandoned bikes and formed the Blood Tachs swoop gang, which was made up of other violent, young non-humans.

As the years went by, the gang grew until it became the most feared group on Taris. Hozard initially just had them attack any humans who entered the Undercity, but eventually began to have his gang terrorize the citizens of the Upper City, by hijacking their airspeeders and stealing parts from their workshops.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hozard was bad-tempered and was quick to use violence. He had a passionate hate of Humans and committed his worst offenses against them.


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