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"…Lippinoss's servant Meeko—a Talz, one of those four-eyed folk."
―Crev Bombaasa, a well-educated criminal[src]

Meeko was a Talz who served as the servant of criminal Didina Lippinoss. In 2 ABY, Crev Bombaasa, another criminal working for Shalera the Hutt, one of Lippinoss's competitors, sent a spacer to meet with Meeko in the wilderness of Corellia. Bombaasa wished to blackmail Lippinoss with a dossier of incriminating information on her that he had compiled, but Meeko informed the spacer that Lippinoss would not deal with Bombaasa and sent the spacer back. Lippinoss subsequently hired a bounty hunter to kill Bombaasa.

Behind the scenesEdit

Meeko the Talz

Randomly generated depictions of Meeko

Meeko's only appearance to date has been in Star Wars Galaxies where Meeko appears as a non-player character on Corellia. Due to the way such quests were designed by the developers, the appearance, gender and species of the NPC are different each time a player runs the mission. Therefore there's no canonical description of the character's look and gender, while Meeko's species is mentioned by Bombaasa and therefore canon.