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"…Lippinoss's servant Meeko—a Talz, one of those four-eyed folk."
―Crev Bombaasa, a well-educated criminal[src]

Meeko was a Talz who served as the servant of criminal Didina Lippinoss. In 2 ABY, Crev Bombaasa, another criminal working for Shalera the Hutt, one of Lippinoss's competitors, sent a spacer to meet with Meeko in the wilderness of Corellia. Bombaasa wished to blackmail Lippinoss with a dossier of incriminating information on her that he had compiled, but Meeko informed the spacer that Lippinoss would not deal with Bombaasa and sent the spacer back. Lippinoss subsequently hired a bounty hunter to kill Bombaasa.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Randomly generated depictions of Meeko

Meeko's only appearance to date has been in Star Wars Galaxies where Meeko appears as a non-player character on Corellia. Due to the way such quests were designed by the developers, the appearance, gender and species of the NPC are different each time a player runs the mission. Therefore there's no canonical description of the character's look and gender, while Meeko's species is mentioned by Bombaasa and therefore canon.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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