Meeva was a female Twi'lek child who was born on and lived her early years on Ryloth during the years of the Clone Wars.

Abducted from her parents at a very early age, she was taken by slavers who intended to train her as a dancer and then sell her for a hefty profit. While in the slavers' custody Meeva met another young Twi'lek, a male named Tror, who had been sold to the slavers by his parents. A few months after Tror arrived, a Jedi Master named Vhiin Thorla located the slavers' camp and rescued both Meeva and Tror from slavery. Taking both of the young Twi'leks back to The Enclave, a refuge built for former slaves, Master Thorla introduced them to other Twi'leks who had been liberated from a life of slavery. Not long after their arrival, Master Thorla brought another child Twi'lek to the Enclave, a rescued slave named Dath. The three children became quick friends and were rarely seen without the others' company.


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