The Megador was a Star Dreadnought in the service of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances during the Swarm War, when it served as the flagship of Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon and then later at the Battle of Uroro Station during the Second Galactic Civil War.[3]


Megador had an array of sixteen ion engines.[5] It also appears that Megador's hangar complement consisted of at least fifty-one hangar bays.[10]. The vessel had an observation deck complete with a dome, where commanders could observe their surroundings during fleet maneuvers.[6]

During the Second Galactic Civil War, it was equipped with three long-range turbolaser batteries, which had a total firepower that eclipsed the total firepower of five Imperial II-class Star Destroyers.[8]


The Star Dreadnought Megador was originally in the service of Imperial warlord Blitzer Harrsk, whose forces were located in the Deep Core region of the galaxy. In the aftermath of Admiral Natasi Daala's unification of the Imperial Remnant, the Megador was left abandoned at Deep 3, one of Harrsk's shipyards, with the Star Dreadnought Dominion. In 12 ABY, during his survey of Imperial armories in the Deep Core, Imperial officer Gilad Pellaeon stumbled upon Deep 3 and procured both Star Dreadnoughts for the Imperial Remnant's war against the New Republic. Confident that the New Republic did not know of the existence of the Megador or the Dominion, Pellaeon sought to use the warships to his advantage. The Megador eventually saw action in 17 ABY at the Battle of Anx Minor, a defeat that proved costly for the Remnant, where it was damaged.[3]

The Super Star Destroyer's service continued for decades. When Sien Sovv was killed early into the second year of the Dark Nest Crisis, Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas asked Pellaeon to assume the role of Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force.[11] When the Swarm War broke out a few months later, Pellaeon took command of the Defense Force from aboard the Megador, making it his flagship.

Early into the war, Megador participated in the Battle of Nickel One in the Roche asteroid field, where it arrived in time to assist Jedi Jacen Solo and Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker in their successful attempt to stop a Killik coup of the Verpine hive.[12] At Sarm, Megador was laden with a wing of Jedi StealthXs and assisted in the assault of the planet in an attempt to capture or kill Lomi Plo.[13] With Lomi Plo's escape apparent, Megador was moved to coordinate the attack the planet Tenupe in order to assist the Luke Skywalker in his hunt of Lomi Plo, which resulted in an assault against the captured Victory-class Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar, which led to the capture of UnuThul and the death of Lomi Plo.

At the conclusion of the war, Megador would be the site of the Galactic Alliance treaty negotiations with the Chiss Ascendancy, as well as the Luke Skywalker's declaration that the Jedi order would cease to be an entity within the Galactic Alliance government by way of the Advisory Council. It was there that Skywalker revealed his intentions to form a Jedi council to oversee matters concerning the administration of the New Jedi Order.[14]

The Megador was still in service as of 40 ABY and was planned to have a key role in the Battle of Kuat, serving as a refueling and rearming point for an entire wing of StealthX fighters under the command of Luke Skywalker.[9]

It later traveled to the Transitory Mists along with the Anakin Solo and a fleet of Imperial Remnant ships. There, it participated in the Battle of Uroro Station.[8]

In 44 ABY, three months after the battle for Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Alliance, the Millennium Falcon launched off Megador to go to the Dragon Queen II, flagship of Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. A battalion of Void Jumpers led by Admiral Gavin Darklighter stood in formation to see the Millennium Falcon off. Admiral Nek Bwua'tu gave departure clearance himself.[15]



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