"The enormous size and high density of the planet generate a gravitational field ten times standard. And so, Megalox has no exterior walls. It doesn't need them. Step outside the standard grav-field dome generated from orbit by this station, and you are instantly crushed under ten times your own weight."
―Warden Luta[src]

Megalox was a privately-run prison located on the planet Megalox Beta. Due to the planet's immense size and density, the natural gravity of Megalox Beta was under ten times stronger than standard gravity, and would crush any organism that dared venture planetside. A grav-field projected by a space station in the planet's orbit encased the prison below, protecting the prisoners from Megalox Beta's intense gravitational force—but also ensuring that they could not escape. Megalox was overseen from the station above it by Warden Luta and several guards, however the guards were not posted in the actual prison. Rather, the prisoners were left to govern themselves, surviving on supplies sent down from the station by Luta.[1]

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