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Megalox Beta was a planet that housed a prison known as Megalox which Poe Dameron and Black Squadron visited during their search for Lor San Tekka. The planet had a high gravity and was considered inhospitable, except for a small gravity field-covered zone that housed the Megalox prison. The planet was the site of a brief skirmish between the Resistance and the First Order.


Megalox Beta had a gravitational pull ten times greater than standard

Due to its enormous size and high density, Megalox Beta generated a gravitational pull ten times standard. Outside an artificial standard grav-field dome, anyone walking on the surface of the planet would be instantly crushed under ten times their own weight. The only settlement on the planet was a prison called Megalox, which was protected by a gravity shield generated by an orbiting space station. Megalox was home to some of the worst criminals in the galaxy. One known location inside the prison was Grakkus' fortress.[2]


By 34 ABY, Megalox Beta was regarded as a dumping ground for some of the worst criminals in the galaxy including Grakkus the Hutt,[2] Kan Be, Papa Toren, and Isin.[5] These criminals dwelled in a settlement that was protected by a gravity field. The prisoners were left to govern themselves, subsisting on supplies ferried from the orbiting space station. The prison was administrated by Warden Luta, who could be bribed into admitting visitors.[2]

Following the Mission to Ovanis, General Leia Organa of the Resistance managed to bribe Warden Luta into allowing Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron to question Grakkus for information about the explorer Lor San Tekka. However, the First Order Agent Terex outbidded Leia with a larger bribe to ensure that the guards abandoned Black Squadron to the prisoners instead of escorting them directly to Grakkus' fortress. In a bid to escape, Grakkus offered to sell the information to whoever could free him from Megalox.[2]

Black Squadron's presence incited a riot on Megalox Beta

Incensed at Grakkus for breaking their deal, Terex hired Kan Be, Toren, and Isin to rally their gangs for an assault on Grakkus' fortress. In response, Poe got his droid BB-8 and the squadron's other astromech droids to disable the station's gravity field generator.[5] The prisoners were overwhelmed by Megalox Beta's high gravity. After disabling the gravity shield, Black Squadron was able to convince Warden Luta to let them escape with Grakkus. Before the prison authorities could restore the gravity field, Terex disabled the space station with his starship Carrion Spike. Black Squadron then turned around and attacked Terex's ship, allowing the prison authorities to safely evacuate the prisoners.[1]

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Megalox Beta first appeared in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 4, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.



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