"This is Colonel Meizh Vermel, special emissary from Admiral Pellaeon."

Meizh Vermel was a colonel in the Imperial Army, and a trusted subordinate of Gilad Pellaeon. In 19 ABY, he was sent to Morishim by the Fleet Admiral on a mission to open peace negotiations between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. However, his CR90 corvette was captured by the Relentless, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer sent by Moff Vilim Disra to prevent his mission. He was only able to send a garbled transmission before his capture.

Vermel remained imprisoned at Rimcee Station until Pellaeon discovered that his ship had been captured by Imperial forces rather than destroyed by the New Republic, and rescued him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Throughout Specter of the Past, Vermel is referred to as both Colonel and Major.



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