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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught. Caution is advised.

Mek-Sha was an independent fueling station built inside of a mined-out asteroid. It was once controlled by the Hutt Cartel, and was home to many groups of individuals, including smugglers, pirates, traders and refugees.


The mining station that would come to be known as Mek-Sha was established within an asteroid by the Hutt Cartel. Its limited fuel reserves made it a difficult operation to maintain and expanding the mine network put the station's integrity at risk.[1]

After Huttbreaker's Rebellion, it acquired its name and leadership fell to a council composed of the five largest groups:[1] Junker Jott's crew, The Brothers, Dar'manda, Harido Wald, and Huttbreaker's crew.[2] Since the revolt, Mek-Sha became safe harbour to many outlaws such as smugglers, slavers and mercenaries. The ruling council handled the operation's difficulties by granting fuel rights to the select few who were able to acquire a majority vote from the crews.[1]

Mek-Sha was protected by a mighty shield and a failsafe which could turn the fuel useless in the event of a new revolt or invasion.[1]



Mek-Sha's streets

First explored by geologists, the Hutt Cartel member Loddu took forceful claim of the asteroid, being unsatisfied with his share of the profits over the Cartel's capture of Makeb. Within months, Loddu had transformed it into a crowded place by bringing in slaves and guards. Seeking to challenge his rivals' operations on Makeb, he hastened the exploration of resources and demanded the use of explosives to increase the speed of its mining. This led to a large explosion that claimed the lives of Loddu and many other inhabitants.[3]

Huttbreaker's Rebellion

Afterwards, the Hutt Prava—Loddu's minion—took over the operation unwillingly. On arriving the station, he discovered that the explosion had unearthed a large deposit of resources.[3]

During the Conquest of Makeb, Prava's attentions were diverted to outside the station and this led to a young slave named Gritha Dar to inspire others to join her against the Hutt. Huttbreaker's Rebellion caught Prava and his mercenaries off-guard and the revolution ended quickly with the rebels victorious.[3]

Galactic War

During the new conflict between Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, Mek-Sha was used as a refueling station for a Republic Navy fleet on its way to the defense of Corellia.[2]


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