Mekamok was an evil gud, a deity in the Gungan religion. Of all the Gungan pantheon, he was the only one who could escape control by Oma-Oma, leader of the gods. Associated with evil, destruction and discord, Mekamok was thought to be responsible for any mortal event or state of decadence that occurred on Naboo, and he held sway over lesser guds, including Balmtop, a god of disease and putrefaction. Despite his inherently evil nature, Mekamok resided in the mythical city of Ossorus like any other divinity, though his peers would shy him away at all costs.[1]

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Mekamok was exclusive to the French edition of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.

The gud Mekamok was mentioned in the French edition of the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, in the database entry pertaining to the Gungan society. This detail did not feature in the English version of the entry. In all editions of the game Mekamok is mentioned as a leader of the Gungan civilization in standard matches. Several other deities, namely Balam, Balmtop, Dobbis, Gobba, Nododo, Kobble and Wamka Pol are also exclusive to the French version of the database. Though most of these names went unreferenced in other works, Nododo was set to appear in the cancelled reference book The Essential Guide to Episode I.


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