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"Yet they go on fighting. The hatred never stops."
"And who do our glorious leaders defend? Only the dead."
Cerasi and Nield talking about the war[src]

The Melida/Daan Civil War was a war fought on the planet Melida/Daan. While the initial members of the fighting were the Melida and the Daan, another group, consisting of the younger members of both communities called the Young, joined the combat as a third independent party keen on ending the civil war.

The war had lasted so long, neither side could remember what the initial grievance between the Melida and the Daan was which caused the initial battles. For centuries the Melida/Daan Civil War had raged, decimating most of Melida/Daan's cities and disrupting activities on the planet.

In order to preserve the histories of the different combatants, as well as spread their messages of propaganda, Halls of Evidence were erected. Inside the halls, different plaques contained the combatants' ashes, as well as a holographic message which could be played back at any time. These holograms would often spread the cause of the respective group, and reveal past exploits as well as the family of the warrior.

The battles had a heavy impact on the rest of Melida/Daan: Hospitals and clinics often did not have enough supplies or material to provide healthcare, there was a general lack of food, and economics on the planet consisted of constructing, manufacturing, and distributing new weaponry to the conflicting sides. Around 44 BBY, much of the middle generation was dead, due to the immense battles which took place, killing those combatants old enough and willing to fight.

The Melida/Daan Civil War ended when the Young forced a surrender from the Elders. However, the Elders, not willing to surrender their power to children, attacked the Young and a new war began.

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