Meliflar Station was a spaceport made up of miscellaneous pods and modules, with no set design to it. This included a KDY deep-space warehousing module that was used for boarding.


This station served as a base for smugglers in the Mendenbatt system. Jedi Luke and Ben Skywalker along with Vestara Khai encountered this station in their pursuit of Abeloth. They sensed a dark side pulse emanating from it and decided to board. There they were ambushed by the smugglers led by Cardya who had deposed the former captain, Hallaf after Abeloth's visit. After a brief skirmish the Skywalkers were led to Hallaf and his daughter Fala, who has been tainted by Abeloth's essence. Through healing her, Master Skywalker was able to trace Abeloth's location, Nam Chorios.

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