"You have my thanks and the gratitude of the citizens of Tatooine."
―Melios Purl[src]

Melios Purl was a doctor.


During 1 ABY, Melios Purl worked as a doctor in the Bestine medical center on Tatooine. During his time there, a young moisture farmer named Maikeen Storn got bit by a womp rat. Because the woman waited too long to see Melios, the bite became infected, and Melios feared that Maikeen would be unable to safely walk to the medical center. Fortunately, Melios found a spacer willing to find Maikeen, and escort her to Bestine. Though Maikeen attempted to make it to Melios on her own, she soon realized that she would be unable to do so. She transmitted her coordinates, which helped the spacer find her quickly. Immediately, the spacer brought Maikeen to the medical center. Though Maikeen tried to make it seem as though she was not seriously injured, Melios thanked the spacer, insisting that he had undoubtedly saved her life.

However, matters were not yet over for Melios. Melios became concerned about the possible spread of the Gray Rot disease. To further his investigation, he needed the hide of an infected womp rat. This would help him determine if the plague had mutated, and required a new vaccine. Once again, Melios employed the same spacer who had helped him earlier. Before the spacer set out to find an infected womp rat, Melios inoculated him against the common Gray Rot with a modified bacta spray. Melios assured the spacer that this would keep him safe. However, there was still the risk of there being a new strain, which could potentially infect the spacer. Melios further clarified that he would provide a new vaccine as soon as he developed one. The spacer was convinced, and set out to find an infected womp rat. Eventually, the spacer encountered a mutated womp ray, and killed it. Immediately, the hide was returned to Melios, who immediately began an analysis. Melios informed the spacer that he very well may have saved the city from a terrible epidemic.

After the analysis, it indeed seemed apparent that a new vaccine was required. After its development, the spacer returned to Melios. Melios informed the spacer that the vaccine would need to be supplied to all moisture farmers that lacked access to cities. He tasked the spacer with delivering the supply to a representative of the Affiliated Moisture Farmers, named Aroy Sekun. Aroy Sekun was a friend of the Darklighter family, and was a responsible individual that would make sure the vaccine got properly distributed. The spacer agreed to help once again, but time was of the essence. Melios said that if the supply was not delivered quickly enough, Gray Rot can devastate a settlement in mere days. Fortunately, the spacer wasted no time in seeking Aroy. After a short while, the spacer found Aroy, and handed him the supply of vaccines. Aroy assured the spacer that the vaccines would make it to everyone that needed it.

With his objective complete, the spacer returned to Melios for further assignments. However, Melios no longer required the spacer's assistance. Instead, he offered his thanks, and informed the spacer that he had the gratitude of the citizens of Tatooine. Before the two individuals parted ways, Melios gave the spacer a gift. The gift was a blueprint of a new type of stimpak he and his associates were working on. Though the blueprint itself was of little value, Melios informed the spacer that he could make some of his own if he wanted.

Melios told the spacer that if there were ever any more emergencies, he would be sure to ask for him. For the time being though, both Melios and the helpful spacer parted ways.

Behind the scenes[]

Melios Purl is a Non-Player Character in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In the game, players may receive a series of quests from him, which involves helping an injured patient, and prevented the spread of a lethal Gray Rot disease. At the end of the quest, player's receive a schematic for a stimpak (referred to as stimpack's in the game), which can then be built using various resources.



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