"Leia, my dear girl! You were wonderful."
"Thank you."
―Mellowyn and Leia Organa[src]

Lord Mellowyn was a human[3] nobleman and a distant kinsman to Bail Organa of Alderaan. He served as the ceremonial supreme governor of the small Inner Rim world of Birren.[1] Due to his distant relation to the House of Organa through the Elder Houses, he was invited to Leia Organa's Day of Demand ceremony. After Leia had named her three challenges, Mellowyn briefly spoke with Leia, complimenting her on how the ceremony went.[4] Over the years that followed Bail's death during the Disaster, Mellowyn occasionally received visits from Leia.[1] However in 28 ABY,[2] the Lord of Birren passed away. Because Mellowyn had no direct heirs, the title passed to Leia Organa, who, despite her fondness for the lord, was not keen on retiring to Birren. Because of this, Organa instead gave the title to Carise Sindian, who happily took the title. After discovering Sindian broke a vow as Governor of Birren, Organa, with the backing and authority of the Elder Houses, stripped her of her titles.[1]


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