Meloque was a female Ho'Din scientist during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

After the Battle of Caluula, Meloque was among a group of scientist that petitioned the Yuuzhan Vong to observe the Nocturne of the Winged-Stars, a rare event occurring once every three hundred years. In a rare act of diplomacy, the Yuuzhan Vong agreed. However, Team Meloque included Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Kyp Durron, Judder Page, and Wraw, who had come to Caluula to destroy the yammosk planted into the planet. While headed to the yammosk center, while Meloque performed her research, but was disturbed that the winged-stars were not leaving their cocoons, and that many more were dying. However, when Wraw revealed that Galactic Alliance Intelligence had released Alpha Red into Caluula's atmosphere, Meloque was the first to realize the horrible truth—Alpha Red had mutated, and was responsible for the death of the winged-stars.



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