Meltch Krakko was a Human male Mandalorian Death Watch member who was once an instructor at the Orsis Academy, before he left to return to his clan. Palpatine, under his guise of Darth Sidious, managed to persuade Krakko to return to the Academy to help hone a young Darth Maul's combat skills. After discovering that Maul was Force-sensitive during a brutal training session, Krakko hatched a plan to get Maul captured by slavers and Nightsisters and possibly killed. Maul survived all attempts, and returned to kill everyone in Orsis Academy per Sidious's orders. Upon arriving at Headmaster Trezza's office covered in blood, he dodged all of Krakko's blaster bolts, and grasped the Mandalorian by the throat with his bare hands, breaking his neck and throwing his dead body into the fireplace.

Talents and abilities[]

Meltch Krakko wore familiar gray Mandalorian battle armor and was known to have fought Jedi; highly skilled to the point that Sidious described him as the best. Meltch was able to knock a young Maul unconscious with one punch, yet fell easily to a young Maul's determined rage a few years later.



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