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This article is about the cafe on Level 88 of Nar Shaddaa. For more uses of the word meltdown, see the disambiguation page.

The Meltdown Café was a seedy restaurant/drinking establishment on Level 88 in the Corellian Sector on Nar Shaddaa. Along with The Slag Pit and The Burning Deck, it was one of the moon's three most popular bounty hunter hangouts.

The Café was famous for selling bitter, syrupy drinks known as Tatooine Sunburns. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the bounty hunter, Spurch "Warhog" Goa, met with a young Rodian named Greedo. He bought him lunch at the Meltdown Café and promised to teach him everything he knew about the bounty hunting trade.

The Meltdown Cafe's special was krayt milk and dianoga pie.



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