"You see, causing others pain is, well, more than just a past time for me. In my work for Zsinj, it has become a cherished responsibility."
―General Melvar[src]

General Melvar was the right-hand man of Warlord Zsinj.


A Human male originally from Kuat, carrying a common Human surname,[1] Melvar was a fanatical follower of Emperor Palpatine. He had what was labeled "Patriotic psychosis", an obsessive love of the Galactic Empire.

When Zsinj went rogue, Melvar became his top General, though he was rather young at the time. He would often sneak up on Zsinj, something which the warlord found irritating at the most. Much like Zsinj, he enjoyed using deceit against his foes—his features, normally bland and nondescript (Zsinj knew he had at least a dozen false identities on various worlds) could be made to look savage and sadistic. Gara Petothel said he had "the cruelest features ever seen on a Human being."

Melvar was also depicted as being extremely sadistic, having his fingernails removed and replaced with cuticle implants to provide him with an immediate torture device that also gave him multiple facial scars. It was unclear if these nails and scars were real or part of one of his acts—his features were always bland around the warlord and the nails were only seen in the presence of his enemies.

He was also involved with Zsinj's intelligence divisions. When Han Solo was captured by the Nightsisters, Melvar went down to take formal possession of Solo, along with a transport shuttle to take the Nightsisters off Dathomir. Gethzerion thanked him in a unique way—giving him a simple death.



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