Melvosh Bloor was a young Kalkal professor in Investigative Politico-Sociology from Beshka University who tried to interview Jabba Desilijic Tiure.


In the wake of Ra Yasht and Skarten's book Torture Observed: An Interview with Jabba's Cook, Bloor proposed to the university that he would interview Jabba, but his superior, Professor P'tan, stole the idea and did it himself. When P'tan failed to return from Jabba's palace, the University sent Bloor to investigate. Bloor went on his own, deciding to continue with his original plans. He made arrangements with Lady Valarian to meet with a contact of hers, Darian Gli who had also helped Ya Rasht and Scartan.

When Bloor arrived at Jabba's palace, he was greeted by Salacious B. Crumb. Impersonating Darian Gli, Crumb told Bloor that P'tan had been fed to the sarlacc. Bloor was led to Jabba, who found the idea of an interview laughable. However he consented to an interview with the requirement that Bloor make him laugh. Bloor failed, telling a joke Jabba had apparently already heard, and was fed to the rancor. As Bloor screamed, Jabba responded, "And I've heard that one before too."



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