"But if the Force is in all things, it is never too late."
―Memit Nadill[3]

Memit Nadill was a male Jedi Master who served as the most trusted adviser of Empress Teta, the monarch of the planet Koros Major, during a series of conflicts known as the Unification Wars, that brought together the seven planets of the Koros system. In 5000 BBY, after believing the visions of fellow Jedi Odan-Urr to be precognitive, Memit Nadill traveled to Coruscant to warn the Jedi Order about an impending invasion by the Sith Empire. However, Nadill was too late, and the Sith invasion force rained down upon the capital just as Nadill arrived, marking the start of the Great Hyperspace War. Nadill helped to repel the Sith Empire during the invasion of Coruscant, leading a small team of Jedi including Tuknatan, Anavus Svag and Sonam-Ha'ar during the battle.

Nadill was a regal, green-skinned humanoid, with many tendrils sprouting from the back of his head. He was known to be a peaceful Jedi, and after the Unification Wars he hoped never to need his lightsaber again. However, he was skillful with his weapon when the situation required it of him; wielding a blue lightsaber, Nadill often led Teta's forces in battle.


The Unification Wars[]

"Greetings Odan-Urr—I am Memit Nadill, Empress Teta's advisor."
―Memit Nadill upon meeting Odan-Urr[1]

Memit Nadill was a Force-sensitive male[1] who lived during the Manderon Period.[4] Nadill served as a member of the Jedi Order, becoming a revered Jedi Master.[2] and by the year 5000 BBY, he had been appointed as an adviser to Empress Teta of the Koros system.[1] Nadill was provided with access to a secret chamber within the Tetan royal palace on the planet Koros Major, in which he stored many of his belongings.[5] Nadill aided the empress in her attempts to unite the system through the use of force. Teta's campaign was initially successful, though they were meeting heavy resistance on the planet Kirrek. They sent for help from the Jedi Order, with Master Ooroo eventually sending his apprentice to meet with Nadill.[1]

Memit Nadill.

In 5,000 BBY, near the close of the Unification Wars—a conflict waged by Empress Teta to unite the seven worlds of the Koros system under her rule, Nadill met the Draethos Jedi Knight Odan-Urr in Cinnagar, the capital city of Koros Major. Odan-Urr had been sent by his master, a Celegian named Ooroo, to the Koros system in order to try and bring peace to the planet of Kirrek, which had been ravaged by the recent battles between Teta's forces and local rebels. It was the first such assignment for Odan-Urr, who preferred to think of himself as more of a scholar than a warrior; he said he preferred to read history, rather than make it.[1] Nadill took over Odan-Urr's training;[2] he was far more experienced, and it was hoped he could teach Odan-Urr some necessary skills. Empress Teta had managed to unite six of the seven planets in the Koros system, but the pirates on Kirrek had managed to drive back any attempts to engage them, and had begun firing on any ship that flew within distance of their weapons—they had killed over fifty hostages after the last attempt to defeat them. Teta deduced that the only way to defeat the pirates was a full military assault, and she reluctantly ordered her men to carry one out, despite her fears that a great many lives would be lost fighting the rebels. Odan-Urr was brought before Empress Teta, and he advised her and Nadill of an ancient Force ability known as battle meditation, which, if utilized, would ensure victory for Teta while also lowering the death count. Nadill gave the order to travel to Kirrek and use the Force power, and asked Odan-Urr to teach it to him. As they traveled to the war-torn planet, the young Draethos taught Memit the ancient power, which affected the morale of both friendly and enemy soldiers,[1] though that was not the only benefit; users of the power could envision an outcome of their desire, literally making their adversaries act to suit the user's needs.[6][7]

Nadill quickly mastered battle meditation, and alongside Odan-Urr helped defeat the pirates on Kirrek, using his newly learned skill to break the spirit of the enemy while boosting his allies' morale. They prevented the battle from becoming a bloodbath, although as Odan-Urr feared, many of the broken-spirited enemies became desperate and attempted to take down as many hostiles with them as possible. However, the rebels were eventually forced to surrender, with Teta's men taking them into captivity. Although a huge number of lives were saved by the two Jedi, the victory was not without its losses. Odan-Urr was particularly disturbed by what he perceived as needless deaths, and also by the destruction of a supply ship which had plummeted to Kirrek's surface.[1] Upon returning to Koros Major, the two Jedi were hailed as heroes along with Empress Teta as they traveled through the crowded streets on a hoversled. Nadill told the Empress that now that all the planets had been united, Koros would become one of the richest systems in the galaxy once their carbonite mines regained full production.[3]

Odan-Urr's vision[]

"The banished Jedi are gone from the Republic, perhaps, but not gone from memory…though it has been many centuries, we are not out of danger."

Nadill and Odan-Urr protecting Gav and Jori Daragon.

Later, on Koros Major, Nadill and Odan-Urr rescued two Human siblings, named Jori and Gav Daragon, who had been cornered by two assassins sent by the Cha'a merchant Ssk Kahorr, to whom the two youths owed money. Just as the assassins looked ready to strike, the two Jedi seemingly emerged from nowhere, igniting their lightsabers and telling the attackers to halt. The two alien mercenaries refused, and attacked the Jedi Knights with their primitive weapons. Odan-Urr, not used to such situations, lashed out at an assassin with his ancient lightsaber, killing him; Nadill, however, chose to seek a more peaceful resolution, and disarmed the remaining mercenary, who then fled. Nadill later warned his companion of the cost of such aggressiveness, and advised him that the situation could have been solved without the use of a lightsaber. Odan-Urr was deeply shamed after the encounter; his people were hunters, and he possessed an instinct which he needed to learn to control.[3]

That night, Odan-Urr had a nightmarish vision of the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos' funeral on Sith homeworld Korriban, and the eventual war it would bring. In his vision, Odan-Urr saw two aspiring Sith Lords of the Sith Empire, formed by Dark Jedi Exiles millennia earlier, dueling over the Ragnos's throne; one of them, Ludo Kressh, was content to keep the Empire hidden from the rest of the galaxy, while the other, Naga Sadow, wanted to expand the borders of the Sith Empire and lay siege to the Galactic Republic, something which had not been done since before the Empire's formation. Midway through the duel, the spirit of the long-dead Marka Ragnos appeared, telling the two that their Empire was under threat, and that they had to choose their course wisely. Odan-Urr felt that, although they had not been encountered in over a thousand years, the banished Dark Jedi still posed a great threat to the Jedi Order and the Republic. The young Jedi Knight then sought out Memit Nadill to see if he had interpreted the dream correctly. Nadill met with his friend in Teta's chambers; after Odan-Urr recounted the dream and told him what he thought it meant, Nadill told Teta that he trusted his companion's judgment, and asked his master to bring it up with the Senate, the governing body of the Republic on her next visit to the Republic's capital world, Coruscant. Teta agreed to go before the Senate during her next journey there in three days' time, and pledged the support of the Koros system to the defense of the Republic.[8]

Nadill and Odan-Urr, who had never been to Coruscant previously, accompanied Teta to the capital in one of her ships. Odan-Urr was amazed with the high population of the city-planet, and Nadill commented that the Force was strong there, though so was the politics. The Jedi arrived at the Senate Hall alongside Teta, noticing several Jedi watching the proceedings from afar, and sat on either side of her as she addressed the Senate. Teta told them the story of Odan-Urr's dream, and the chaos it would bring to the Republic. However, the senators were highly skeptical, astounded that such a respected leader would suggest taking to arms after a young Jedi apprentice had a dream of a mythical enemy which hadn't been seen in over a thousand years. The two Jedi left shortly thereafter, dejected, though they still had the support of Empress Teta, who vowed to pledge her military forces against any Sith attack.[9]

Soon after their return from Coruscant, Nadill summoned Odan-Urr to Empress Teta's chambers, where Urr's master Ooroo was awaiting his arrival. Ooroo had contacted Teta to hear how Odan-Urr was doing as her newest advisor, and when she told him of the visions Urr had had he departed for Koros immediately, eager to see his student face-to-face. Ooroo had heard of Nadill and Urr's attempts to warn the Senate, and told them that their mission was not a complete failure: they had successfully persuaded the three Jedi Knights present of the threat posed by the Sith. The Celegian warned Nadill and the others that should the Sith attack, a full-scale war would devastate the Republic and cross the fabric of hyperspace. Teta then led them out onto a great balcony overlooking the vast army she had assembled during her struggles to bring peace to her home system, vowing never to let her system fall to any invasion from outsiders.[10]

Memit Nadill demonstrating his skills with a lightsaber.

Nadill was with Odan-Urr in Teta's chambers when Jori Daragon, one of the two siblings whom Nadill had previously rescued, burst through the doors. She had been imprisoned on Koros for various crimes, but had managed to escape and to break into Teta's palace. The Empress had her guards take the young woman away, despite her pleas to be listened to. At the mention of the Sith Empire, Nadill and Odan-Urr had Teta call off her guards, and asked the girl to retell her story. She told them that the Sith Empire was still thriving, and that she and her brother had seen it. They had punched in random hyperspace coordinates in an attempt to find a lucrative new hyperspace route, and found themselves on a barren planet populated by Sith. The Daragons had been taken in by Naga Sadow after a huge battle between Sadow's forces and those of his rival, Ludo Kressh, had begun. Sadow persuaded Jori to leave before she was injured in the battle, secretly placing a tracking device on her ship. She told the Jedi that Sadow and his army could arrive at any time, and that the Republic was in danger. Nadill and the others believed her, to the amazement of the guards, and the green-skinned Jedi planned to once again travel to Coruscant to rally the support of the Jedi Knights, sure that this was the evidence that would convince them of the danger they were all in.[11]

Battle of Coruscant[]

"Empress Teta has received a dire warning—the Sith are preparing to attack! I am here to sound the warning to all who will hear."
―Memit Nadill to his fellow Jedi on Coruscant[12]

Memit arrives with his warning.

Nadill arrived at Coruscant on his shuttle, and met with Sonam-Ha'ar, Tuknatan and Anavus Svag, the three Jedi that were present in the Senate Hall when Nadill had visited with Teta and Odan-Urr previously. Nadill had previously known them all, and they promised that they would find more loyal Jedi Knights and protect the Republic that the Order served. However, the Coruscanti invasion alarms suddenly sounded; Nadill had arrived too late.[12]

The fleet of Naga Sadow, Dark Lord of the Sith, laid siege to Coruscant, sending pods full of Sith warriors down onto the capital's streets. The citizens took refuge in the massive Senate Hall, leaving the four Jedi Knights and a handful of Republic soldiers to fight the great Sith army. The Sith army, flanked by dozens of huge, monstrous creatures, charged at the Senate Hall, and on the steps of the ancient building, Nadill, Sonam-Ha'ar, Tuknatan and Anavus Svag used their primitive Jedi weapons to fight against Sadow's vast army of Sith warriors, vowing that the Republic would not fall after thousands of years of peace.[12]

As Nadill fought against the seemingly endless Sith invasion force, and with more Sith pods and bombs raining down on the once-brilliant city, something unexpected happened: many of the Sith soldiers seemed to simply vanish into thin air. Nadill immediately realized that many of their Sith enemies were simply illusions conjured by Sadow's magic, aboard his Sith Meditation Sphere. Sadow's concentration had been broken when he was fired upon by Gav Daragon, who had been briefly trained in the ways of the Sith by the Dark Lord after his sister's departure from Korriban. Daragon had realized the pain and suffering Sadow was causing to the Republic, after Aarrba the Hutt, his mentor and guardian, had been mercilessly killed by Sadow's warriors.[13]

Memit Nadill fights Sith warriors alongside his fellow Jedi.

In response to this sudden revelation, the Jedi launched a counterattack against their confused foes, and were able to eventually turn the tide of the battle. With a new-found confidence, the four Jedi, as well as the few Republic soldiers left alive, charged at the remaining Sith warriors, driving them back from the Senate Hall and defeating their giant beasts. Nadill fought using the Force, eliminating the Sith threat from Coruscant; in a clash with a Sith commander, the Sith's sword was no match for Nadill's lightsaber and he was defeated by the Jedi. Much of the Sith invasion force had been destroyed by the Jedi and Republic soldiers, and those that survived were forced into retreat, with the Coruscanti army allowing them to return to the Sith Empire on Korriban. After the Sith fled, Memit Nadill, Tuknatan, Anavus Svag and Sonam-Ha'ar put their weapons together and once again swore that the Republic would never fall.[13]


"I will disconnect my lightsaber from its powerpack and hope I never need it in battle again."
―Memit Nadill after the Battle of Coruscant[14]

Meanwhile, the Sith had also been defeated on Kirrek by Odan-Urr and Ooroo, though their victory came at the cost of the Celegian Master's life. Ooroo had released the poisonous cyanogen gas in his tank, giving his own life to kill a group of elite Massassi warriors. The Massassi had overrun Teta's forces, which were being aided by the former pirates that Nadill and Odan-Urr had previously helped to defeat. On Coruscant, Memit Nadill and his fellow Jedi were involved in a crowded victory celebration outside the Senate Hall, while others assessed and began to repair the damage that had been caused by Sadow's attack. During the celebrations, Memit Nadill disconnected his lightsaber from its power pack, hoping for no further conflict.[14]

Nadill returned to Koros Major on his personal shuttle, and met with the Empress on her balcony, happy to see that Teta and Odan-Urr had fared as well as he had. While Odan-Urr searched the abandoned Sith ship in orbit, eventually finding a Sith holocron, the Empress expressed her sadness at the damage the war had caused, but Nadill optimistically reassured her that everything could be repaired.[14]

During the Cold War, an archaeological crew uncovered a mosaic in the Tetan royal palace that indicated the location of Nadill's personal chamber. After realizing the significance of the mosaic, the crew re-discovered the chamber, which still contained some of Nadill's personal effects.[5]

Personality and traits[]

"I trust the knowledge of my brother Jedi, Empress. Though it may be difficult to interpret at times, the Force does not lie."
―Memit Nadill after hearing of Odan-Urr's vision[8]

Memit Nadill was a member of a bipedal humanoid species, with light green skin and several small head-tails protruding from the back of his head. He had a long face, and there was a large, bony curl at the end of his chin. Several small horns studded the Jedi's head. Although his face and head were hairless, Memit Nadill's powerful arms were lined by thin green fur. He did not wear traditional Jedi robes, preferring to wear a dark green cape over a small shirt that covered his chest,[15] though he also wore orange ceremonial robes when acting as Teta's advisor.[8]

Memit Nadill, advisor to Empress Teta.

Nadill was a wise Jedi Master: he did not act rashly or worry about what might happen, as he knew that if the Force was in all things, he would be safe. During Odan-Urr's stay on Koros Major in 5,000 BBY, Nadill taught him a great deal of knowledge, and Odan-Urr eventually went on to found the Great Jedi Library on the planet Ossus and become a revered Jedi Master.[6]

Memit was an extremely trusting individual, and he put his full faith in others, especially those touched by the Force, when no one else would. His trusting nature was demonstrated when Odan-Urr arrived on Cinnagar and told Nadill of battle meditation. The Jedi advisor trusted Odan-Urr, someone he had only just met, and agreed to make use of the Force power without even being informed of exactly what it did.[3] Nadill put his full confidence in Odan-Urr once again after the young Jedi had visions of the Sith; Nadill trusted that the interpretations of the dreams by his fellow Jedi were true, and persuaded Teta to take them before the Senate.[9] Even after the senators dismissed Odan-Urr's visions as nothing worth worrying about, Memit persuaded Teta to make sure that the Koros system was prepared for the attack.[10]

Memit Nadill was an experienced Jedi, who served as Teta's advisor during the Unification Wars of the Koros system, which was later renamed Empress Teta in honor of the queen who had brought peace to the system. Teta described the alien Jedi as her most trusted advisor, and she had great respect for his judgment and decisions.[3] On several occasions, such as the events surrounding Odan-Urr's vision, Teta acted on Nadill's advice, even though she did not understand the Force, which always affected how Memit acted.[8]

Nadill was also very kind, and often wore a smile on his face. His kindness was demonstrated after Jori Daragon told him and Empress Teta of the Sith Empire and its impending invasion of the Republic. The young human had suffered much hardship beforehand, and Nadill was the only being who recognized all she had gone through to warn them.[11]

Powers and abilities[]

"Prepare your lightsaber for battle—a Jedi must always be ready."
―Memit Nadill[1]

Nadill disliked violence and battle of any kind, though he felt that a Jedi must always be prepared to do battle. He was skilled in combat with a lightsaber, which was shown during the Unification Wars[1] and the Great Hyperspace War,[12][13] though he preferred to use non-lethal attacks against his enemies, saying that one must look for gentler ways to solve problems.[3] He often led soldiers in battle, and was not afraid to sacrifice his own life for those of others.[12][13] After the Great Hyperspace War, Memit Nadill powered down his lightsaber, hoping that he would never have to ignite it in war again.[14]

Nadill was also skilled at using the ancient Jedi art of battle mediation, a skill that he had been trained to utilize by fellow Jedi Knight Odan-Urr.[1] To perform battle meditation, a Jedi had to remain highly concentrated on the outcome of the battle they desired, and could not be interrupted. Battle meditation could heighten the morale of the Jedi's forces while draining the enemy's morale, as well as affect the actions of hostiles and the outcome of the battle.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

A preliminary sketch of Memit Nadill.

Memit Nadill was created by writer Kevin J. Anderson for the 1996 comic sub-series The Golden Age of the Sith, which is part of the Tales of the Jedi comic series.[3] He appeared again in the subsequent story arc The Fall of the Sith Empire, which was also written by Anderson.[10] He was drawn by Dario Carrasco, Jr. in both story arcs, with three other artists acting as inkers.[3][10] Nadill later received mentions in several reference books, including The New Essential Chronology in 2005 and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia in 2008.

A character resembling Nadill is depicted in the comic Legacy (2006) 30, fighting at the Battle of Corbos in 6900 BBY.



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