Mendel Douglas was a famous game hunter[2] who once journeyed across the Centrality region planet Douglas III to acquire the hide of[1] the rare[2] and elusive jackelope.[1] Douglas succeeded in catching his quarry,[3] which made it back for his collection, but Douglas himself did not. The Douglas system and its third planet were thus named after the late hunter.[1]

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Mendel Douglas was first mentioned in the 2001 roleplaying article "A Campaign Guide to the Centrality," written by Michael Kogge for Star Wars Gamer 5. Kogge's article expanded on lore originally created by author L. Neil Smith for the[1] 1983[4] The Lando Calrissian Adventures novel series,[1] which first mentioned the planet Douglas III.[5]

According to Star Wars Insider 145, Smith cannibalized the names of colleagues to create names for Douglas III and other subjects from the series.[6] In popular culture, twentieth-century taxidermist Douglas Herrick is credited with creating the American jackalope—a legendary animal with a jackrabbit's body and the antlers of a pronghorn antelope—which developed into a tourist attraction in Herrick's hometown of Douglas, Wyoming, where jackalope hunting licenses are sold.[7]

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