Mennis Duren[2] was a yellow-skinned, gray-haired alien with orange eyes who was present on the Ring of Kafrene trading outpost[1] in the year 0 BBY.[3] The Rebel Alliance agent Cassian Jeron Andor[4] passed by Duren in the outpost's busy streets while the alien stood next to[1] a Delphidian[5] at a food stall. Andor then passed the alien again at the entrance to an alley where the agent was due to meet his contact Tivik. Duren wore blue robes while on the Ring of Kafrene.[1]

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Mennis Duren first appeared in the 2016 Antholoy film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1] The character was not named in the film's theatrical release but was identified in the "Rogue Connections" featurette included in the picture's home release. The featurette also revealed that the character was named after Industrial Light & Magic special effects artist Dennis Muren.[2]


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