Mentor was the self-given name of a droid consciousness that became self-aware around 3641 BBY and started planning a droid revolution. As one of the founders of the Directive 7 movement it set up a base on the moon Zadd in the Unknown Regions.[1]

Mentor was originally a simple administrative droid named SR-1 working in a government office. SR-1 was assigned to keep track of the destruction and loss of other droids. Due to negligence, SR-1 was never given a memory wipe and spent years constantly filing accounts of the abuse and destruction of fellow droids. As SR-1 gained sentience over time, he determined that the poor treatment of droids by organics was due to a flaw in their programming.[2]

SR-1 began by reprogramming the other droids in its office to be free of organic control, and then began to gather together independent droids as part of the movement. Eventually, its focus changed, as conflict with organic sentients became its priority.[1] it conducted a series of experiments to reprogram organic sentients as cybernetic organisms under its control, but concluded that this approach was ineffective.[1] SR-1 worked on modifying the personality and programming of its fellow droids to be more in agreement with itself, although the other droids SR-1 had liberated objected to this, SR-1 insisted it was only doing this to help them achieve their potential. SR-1 renamed itself "Mentor" to better reflect its self-perceived role in helping to improve its fellow droids.

Subsequently it began projecting its consciousness throughout droids within Directive 7 and developed a plan to transmit its consciousness across the galaxy to take control of all droids.

Mentor planned to transmit a signal from Zadd across the entire galaxy, taking control of all droids and initiating a campaign of extermination against all organic sentient life. A defector within the movement, Healer, alerted Republic and Imperial authorities to this threat.[1] A strike team was sent to Zadd. Mentor confronted this team utilizing numerous controlled droid bodies and cyborgs, but was defeated and its central processing core was destroyed.[1]

Mentor's destruction triggered a cataclysmic overload in the geothermal power core of Zadd, resulting in the moon's destruction.

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Mentor serves as the principle antagonist and final boss of Flashpoint: Directive 7 in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The flashpoint can be completed by both Republic and Imperial players.



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