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Meor Ain was a location in the galaxy where Dex Acquisitions operated a depot. Tunga Arpagion was rescued from the depot by the Rebel Alliance.


Meor Ain's purple rocky surface was scattered with ridges and cracks, and its sky was lined with smoke that erupted from holes in the ground. A large astronomical body was visible on Meor Ain's horizon.[1]


Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa and her rebel team traveled to Meor Ain to recruit the shapeshifter Tunga Arpagion, so that he could help them kidnap[1] Tan Hubi,[2] the Imperial Moff of the Calamari sector, whose bio-signature was needed in order to access the prison holding the Mon Calamari King Lee-Char. To get access to Arpagion's cell at the Dex Acquisitions Depot, Leia had the Wookiee Chewbacca pose as a bounty hunter who had captured her. Upon hearing this, the depot's leader, Arty-Ba, told their partner to take Organa to the ultra-security cells. Chewbacca threw both depot workers into a wall, knocking them both unconscious. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker blasted their way into the brig with a breaching torpedo, rescuing Arpagion from his cell[1] and leaving in the Millennium Falcon.[2]

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Meor Ain first appeared in the canon comic Star Wars 45, which was written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Salvador Larroca[1] and published on March 21, 2018.[3]


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