"Then we need not spare the lash. Destroy any ship that tries to breach the blockade. Cripple those that do not, then board them one at a time and exterminate all resistance. The Mon Calamari make fine ships, but they have proved poor sailors."

Meori was a human male who served as an admiral in the Imperial Navy. After the Mon Calamari began to revolt, he was in command of an Imperial blockade of the planet Mon Cala and informed another officer that they were to destroy any Mon Calamari ship that tried to break the blockade and to cripple any that did not before they boarded each ship to exterminate all resistance. His underestimation of the Mon Calamari proved his undoing, however, when he ordered one such cruiser that rushed the blockade be fired upon without verifying its designation or cargo. When a subordinate identified it as the Aurora Flare and carrying a load of coaxium, highly volatile hyperfuel, Meori panicked and ordered his crew to cease fire and take evasive action. The order came too late as the Aurora Flare rammed Meori's Star Destroyer, igniting its cargo and destroying both ships and their crews.[2]

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  1. Star Wars 49 takes place after the Battle of Yavin, which dates to 0 BBY. The issue also takes place prior to the Assault on the Mako-Ta Space Docks, which Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition dates to around one year after the Battle of Yavin, meaning that it takes place in 1 ABY. Therefore, Star Wars 49, which includes Meori's death, must take place between 0 ABY and 1 ABY.
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