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"Gareth, take care of your mother. Mera, I love you. I'm sorry"
―TK329's last words to his family[src]

A woman named Mera was married to the Imperial stormtrooper TK329. The two had a son named Gareth[1] by 1 BBY.[2] That year, Mera's husband was exposed to a fatal contagion[3] called the Blackwing virus[4] while serving aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Vector.[1] At the time of the outbreak, TK329 planned on having a big party for his shoreleave home, and he believed that his wife and son supported him in his mission.[3] Shortly before his death,[2] TK329 transmitted an open message hoping it would reach his family. In it, he told Gareth to take care of Mera in his absence and let Mera know that he loved her. The stormtrooper also announced his plans to escape with a group of survivors, but the sickness took him first.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Mera was mentioned in three tweets from TK329's in-universe Twitter account. The account was created in 2009 as a tie-in to the then-upcoming novel Death Troopers, written by Joe Schreiber.[3]


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