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"Do you really think I'd be as careless to come unprepared, Thrawn?"
Tyber Zann to Grand Admiral Thrawn[src]

The Merciless was Tyber Zann's personal Aggressor-class Star Destroyer, which served as his and the Zann Consortium's flagship. The basis of the Aggressor-class Star Destroyer, it's design plans were found in the ruins of the destroyed first Death Star by the Zann Consortium. After realizing how effective it could be, it was stolen from the Imperial hands and delivered to Tyber Zann. The Merciless was first used by Zann over Carida to great effect, prompting the creation of more Aggressor-class Star Destroyers. After the Empire's defeat over Endor, Zann, along with an accompanying fleet, moved in on Kuat, finding the Rebel fleet attacking the remaining Imperial warships. The Merciless fought against the crumbling Imperial forces along with the Rebels until the Eclipse was captured.


The Merciless was a modified Aggressor-class Star Destroyer stolen from Imperial shipyards. It was painted black with white trims and had intimidating murals of a krayt dragon running along each side of the hull. It carried two massive, fire-linked ion and plasma cannons fixed to the front of the ship. The Merciless also was armed with a turbolaser battery on either side of the rear fins. The ship had a shield generator positioned on top of the bridge similar to the Imperial Star Destroyer. Tyber Zann also had a cloaking device installed to aid in stealth attacks.[2]


The Merciless was the first of its class, created by the Empire as a prototype Aggressor-class Star Destroyer. It was stolen by the Zann Consortium after its plans were found in the wreckage of the first Death Star.[2] The vessel was then modified and given a customized paintjob. The Merciless was completed during 3 ABY. Tyber Zann was first spotted using the ship over Carida. There, he was confronted by Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn informed him of the death of Prince Xizor, who was going to buy a Sith artifact, then betrayed Zann over Carida. Thrawn then destroyed an Interceptor IV frigate, belonging to Zann, using a HVs-2 hypervelocity gun on the planet's surface. Zann countered Thrawns attack by bringing in his fleet, including the Merciless. The two fought until Tyber's henchman Bossk stole the artifact. Fleeing aboard the Hound's Tooth, Bossk delivered the artifact to Thrawn onboard his flagship the Admonitor. Thrawn promptly fled. The rest of Thrawn's fleet was ordered to stay and destroy Tyber Zann's fleet. The Zann Consortium quickly defeated the Imperial ships. Zann then discovered the effectiveness of the Aggressor-class Destroyer.

After the destruction of the second Death Star, the Merciless, along with an accompanying fleet, attacked the Imperial forces over Kuat. Their goal was to steal the unfinished Eclipse. The Rebel fleet, intent on destroying all Imperial ships, arrived at the same time. The two groups formed a fragile alliance and began to attack three Cardan V-class space stations. Meanwhile, a boarding shuttle was making its way over to the Eclipse. The party boarded and claimed control of the massive warship. The Zann Consortium gained the upper hand and destroyed the Rebel and Imperial forces.[2]

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There is a reference in the code of this ship being called "Peacebringer", which may have been the vessel's original name. Game data files still use "Peacebringer" for internal reference purposes.



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