Mere Tugs were a type of tug used by the Mere in the time shortly before the Clone Wars.


A Mere Tug had two engines for propulsion and a hyperdrive for intersellar travel. The tug moved material around using tractor beams.


The Mere Resistance cruiser Tritus launched four Mere Tugs in the later parts in a conflict over the planet Nod Kartha to recover four parts to an Orbital Defense Cannon. The tugs were able to bring the parts back to the cruiser despite the efforts of Sabaoth Squadron to collect the components for their own means. The Tritus suffered an engine failure on the way to delivering the cannon parts to Khons, the moon of Lok where the cannon would be installed, so the Mere Tugs had to take them the rest of the journey. The tugs set up the cannon on Khons, where it would be used in the liberation of Lok from the Trade Federation.

Behind the scenesEdit

These tugs appear in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter during the game's tenth mission, "Tug of War." The player's objective is to escort the four tugs while they recover the cannon pieces. If any is lost, it will just be replaced by another.


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