"Where's Juno with that heavy cruiser?"

The Mere Cruiser was a heavy cruiser created by the Mere of Maramere some time prior to the Clone Wars.


These small vessels, approximately 195 meters in length, featured twin sublight drive engines and powerful, forward-mounted turbolaser cannons and 8 light turbolasers (2 in the back, 4 at the base, and 2 near the front.)[1]


Several Mere cruisers were used by the Mere Resistance forces led by Sol Sixxa. Two Mere cruisers, the Kethor commanded by Captain Orsai and the Tritus, accompanied the pirate chief Nym during his siege on Nod Kartha. Orsai sacrificed himself in the battle when he sent the damaged Kethor into a collision with an orbital shield generator, allowing Nym's forces to break past the defense screen.[1]

During the First Battle of Geonosis, Nym engaged Cavik Toth and his Sabaoth Squadron above Geonosis. He was aided by the appearance of three Mere cruisers, commanded by captains Juno, Antilles and Cori, which turned their powerful cannons on Toth's Sabaoth Destroyers.[1]


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