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"Is your network secure?"
―MerenData tagline[src]

MerenData was a data security and espionage corporation. The firm was best known for its espionage droids based on 3PO protocol droids, but also for their network security and slice investigation capabilities. It was one of the original non-voting Contributing sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority.

It initially supported the Galactic Empire and did not sell to the New Republic. It eventually replaced the board members and opened ties to the New Republic and their markets.[2]


MerenData was founded some time before 3956 BBY, releasing the S6-series security/maintenance droid and K-X12 probe droid. Both were extremely popular with not only the Sith Empire, but the civilian market also. Around the same time Cybot Galactica released its successful 3PO-series, MerenData offered a conversion package, to turn a 3PO droid into an espionage droid.[2]

During the Separatist Crisis, MerenData undertook their own investigation of Pro-Separatist propaganda appearing on the IGBC's data server, by slicing into the system and purging it. Their findings concluded that the propaganda was inserted by well-backed slicers, disagreeing with the Senate Bureau of Intelligence.[3]

MerenData sponsored articles on the Holonet News during the Separatist Crisis. After a slicing of the free edition, Holonet News began using MerenData's Socketguards.[4]

At an unknown time, MerenData released its A4 laboratory assistant droid, which was very successful, until doctors started promoting these droids to chief surgeon. The droids lacked an advanced independent decision module, causing the droid to replace healthy parts with cybernetics. This blunder was only the first in a series of failures. During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, MerenData released the flawed EV-series supervisor droid, which was accidentally fitted with an MDF motivator, a module usually attached to torture droids. The EV droids were then recalled by MerenData, but it was too late to counter the damage caused. It was a blunder which MerenData never fully recovered from. MerenData continued to market droids to the Galactic Empire, such as the V-series droid supervisor and GD16-series pilot droid, but by then the company had lost its reputation.



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