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*''[[Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Three]]''
*''[[Planets of the Galaxy, Volume Three]]''
[[Category:Mammalian sentient species]] <!-- Acording to the ALien Encounters index -->
[[Category:Sentient species (M)]]
[[Category:Sentient species (M)]]

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The Meri were a tall humanoid race with dark blue skin. They were very similar to the Teltiors; distinguishing characteristics included a pronounced eyebrow ridge, a conical ridge on the top of the head, webbed hands with an opposable thumb and opposable end finger, inward spiralling cartilage leading to the ear canal, and several thick folds of skin around the neck. Meris moved with a fluid grace, and had amazing coordination.

File:Honn Dangel.jpg

While once a true race of warriors, the Meris have learned how to peacefully coexist with the Teltiors on their shared homeworld Merisee. Many Meris applied their intelligence to farming and healing, but there were many others who went into other fields, such as starship engineering, business, and soldiering.

The Meris were a friendly people, but they would not blindly trust those who had not proven themselves worthy of trust. Like most other species, Meris had a wide range of personalities and behavior — some were extremely peaceful, while others were quick to anger. The Meris were a hardworking people, many of whom spent time in quiet contemplation or playing mental exercise games like holochess.

Some Meris were associated with the Cult of Those Who Redeem, though others were part of the Loag cult of assassins.


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