"Let the battle begin."
―Darth Malgus[src]

The Meridian Complex assault was a major and decisive battle in the renewed conflict between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. The Empire launched a massive fleet at the Republic planet Corellia seeking to destroy the advanced Meridian Complex shipyard.


At the onset of the Third Galactic War, Republic's naval strength was struggling to keep up with the Sith Empire's, which had significantly recovered under Empress Acina from their losses in the Eternal Empire conquest. A Republic think tank managed to construct a towering shipyard on Corellia dubbed the Meridian Complex, which had the capability to produce starships at triple the speed of Imperial facilities and at half the energy cost.[1]

The Empire learned of the shipyard's existence through Darth Xarion's spies in Sith Intelligence, making it a priority target before the facility could come online. Darth Krovos and Darth Malgus amassed a significant armada for the assault by securing their frontline positions and withdrawing all but the most crucial warships as well as enough fuel transports for the Imperial fleet to jump directly to Corellia with no need for refueling stops.[1]

General Ardinondu Dipolus Daeruun learned of the Empire's impending attack and began scrambling any available Republic fleets to defend Corellia. Unfortunately, the Eleventh Fleet and the Twenty-Ninth Fleet required refueling stops at Onderon and Mek-Sha, and Daeruun anticipated that the Empire's top agents would attempt to sabotage them. Meanwhile, the Commander of the Eternal Alliance arrived to reinforce the Republic forces.[1]

The battle[]

"Contest starts now. A point for every kill, officers are five, vehicles and Jedi for ten, and if you die, you're out."
―Major Anri to her squad[src]

Tau Idair and Darth Malgus duel.

As the battle began, the Empire sent two fleets under Malgus' command composed of Silencer-equipped dreadnoughts and isotope-5 vessels, which met the Republic fleet head-on while a third fleet commanded by Krovos came out of hyperspace on the far side of Corellia to commend orbital bombardment of the planet surface in an effort to draw Republic forces away from the battle. In the midst of the fighting, Malgus led several shuttles, initially hidden by the isotope-5 ships to mask them from Republic sensors, down to the planet surface and commenced a ground assault on the Meridian Complex. By the time the Republic ships realized what was happening, they'd be unable shoot down Malgus' landing party without causing friendly fire.[3]

The Alliance Commander ordered the Alliance fleet to attack Krovos' fleet. Landing on Corellia's surface, the Commander led Jedi Knight Tau Idair and Padawan Arn Peralun in pursuing Malgus to the Meridian complex. When they encountered Tharan Cedrax, he informed his rescuers that he re-routed the facility's shield controls to an auxiliary station near the top of the spire. The trio then proceeded to the top of the spire, where they confronted Malgus, who had already disabled the shields. After a vigorous duel, a defeated yet amazed Malgus remarked that the rumors surrounding the Commander's defeat of Vitiate were indeed true. Refusing to accept failure, Malgus used the force to bring down an overhead machine down on the platform, causing to collapse. While Idair and Peralun made it to safety, the Commander leaped over the gap to the auxiliary station and restored the shipyard's defenses, which begin firing on the Imperial fleet, forcing Krovos to order a retreat. Malgus also managed to escape, with Daeruun noting that there were no ships fleeing towards Imperial space.[3]


General Daeruun and Jedi Arn Peralun and Tau Idair.

Back on Carrick Station, the Commander was invited to join Task Force Nova, a joint military-civilian initiative whose mission was to reunite the Jedi Order and establish them a new home planet. Furthermore, Supreme Chancellor Galena Rans formally offered to bring the Alliance and Odessen into the Republic, promising amnesty and citizenship for members with criminal and non-Republic backgrounds; the Commander accepted after some consideration, and the Alliance was formally integrated into the Galactic Republic.[3]

The victory at Corellia served as a rallying cry for the Republic, significantly bolstering morale and reaffirming its power on the galactic stage after the Eternal Empire conquest. Republic forces subsequently went on the offensive, making substantial gains in the Atrivis, Bormea, and Anoat sectors.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Gameplay alternatives[]

The outcome of the battle of Corellia depends on whether players of either Republic or Imperial affiliations choose to remain loyal or sabotage their faction throughout the Onslaught expansion.

Supporting the Empire[]

If the player is an Imperial loyalist, the Republic fleet strength would be severely decreased as a result of the sabotage on Onderon and Mek-Sha, where both the Eleventh and Twenty-Ninth Fleets can be eliminated. Prior to the assault, the Commander can encourage Darth Krovos to avoid civilian casualties and focus on more priority targets, earning light side points, or support her indiscriminate bombardment of Corellia.[3]

During the ground assault, the Commander fights with Major Anri to the Meridian Complex, where they corner Tharan Cedrax, who reveals that Tau Idair re-routed the shield controls to the top of the spire before destroying the main controls. As Malgus arrives, the Commander can decide to execute Cedrax, take him prisoner or order Anri to use him as a human shield.[3]

The Commander and Malgus then confront Idair and a squad of Republic troopers and engage in battle. After defeating Idair, the Jedi desperately brought down an overhead machine onto the platform, causing it to collapse. The Commander manages to make it to the auxiliary controls and lowered the shields, allowing the Imperial fleet to destroy the Meridian Complex.[3]

In the aftermath, the Commander attends a meeting of the Dark Council on Vaiken Spacedock. Darth Xarion reported that the Merdian Complex's destruction has forced the Republic to withdraw from countless worlds, allowing Krovos to lead invasions to claim the most valuable territories within a matter of weeks.[3]

As the Dark Council is dismissed, Empress Acina (or Emperor Vowrawn, depending on whom the Commander supported in the War on Iokath) had concluded that the council is best suited for administrative purposes, not critical wartime activities. Instead, the task would be delegated to a new Emperor's Hand, one that would not be composed of murderous fanatics as with its predecessor, but staffed with the Empire's best and most loyal frontline personnel, particularly candidates from the Alliance. The Commander is also extended an invitation to rejoin the Empire and have the Alliance members become full citizens. Sith Warrior players can regain their title as Empire's Wrath; Sith Inquisitor player can regain their seat on the Dark Council and all their past holdings; Bounty Hunter players can simply gain the title of Hunter for the purpose of hunting down the Empire's enemies; and Imperial Agent players can attain the rank of Keeper and manage intelligence operations independent of Xarion's Sith Intelligence. Alternatively, the Alliance can maintain its independence, yet will work more closely with the Hand than the Dark Council.[3]

Elsewhere, while Malgus was under medical supervision, a medical droid had removed the explosive implant in his body used to keep him under control, much to the Imperial doctor's distress. The droid noted that unlike the rest of the damage Malgus sustained, the implant was damaged by a high heat implement, before Malgus regained consciousness and drew his lightsaber, demanding both the droid and a ship.[3]



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