The Merriweather was a bulk cruiser and flagship of the Tof invasion fleet. It was a large boat-shaped cruiser, commanded by Tof forces in the Battle of Saijo in 4 ABY. The design was reminiscent of earlier styles, such as the Fairwind.


The Merriweather helped enforce Tof rule around Saijo through a squadron of Tof starfighters as well as transporting necessary supplies to the Tof war effort. In the final battle of the Nagai-Tof invasion, the Merriweather returned to Saijo with supplies to find the Tof forces under siege by a combined Nagai and Rebel task force.

Asking for permission to land, the Merriweather was suddenly given orders that explained the desperate situation that the Tof forces were in. The Tof headquarters were under attack and the Prince Sereno was in mortal danger. The Merriweather was ordered to find the Rebel base and destroy it. Unfortunately for the Tof forces, Admiral Ackbar was prepared for this action, and a task force led by General Lando Calrissian, Nien Nunb, and Chewbacca destroyed the Tof fighters and presumably captured the Tof flagship.



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