"The only problem that these mines had was how fast the Empire came down on Mesonics after a few explosions wiped out some high-placed Moffs."

Mesonics was a company that produced explosive devices for both military and civilian clients during the reigns of the Empire and New Republic.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Mesonics E-Mag Explosive Mine was used to kill several Imperial Moffs. Because of this, the Empire effectively assumed control of Mesonics's facilities by sending stormtroopers to guard them. In exchange for retaining some autonomy, Mesonics officials agreed to directly supply the Empire and to grant Imperial officials the right to deny outside purchases of the mines. The Empire denied all such purchases, but some Mesonics employees sold the mines on the black market.[2]

When the New Republic came into power this restriction was lifted, though the new government carefully monitored transactions involving dangerous Mesonics products.[2] During this period Mesonics was known to sell to agricultural corporations as well as to military and paramilitary groups.[1]

E-mag mine SWJ3

E-Mag Explosive Mine

Their devices were difficult to use because they required detonators that fired at triple frequency intervals.[3]



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