A Cha'a message pod.

Message pods were small automated message drones capable of carrying messages through hyperspace. However, some message pods didn't have a propulsion system and had to be recovered at a later time. They were commonly carried on Cha'a drone ships, such as the Zeta Five. Its message pod was dispatched to Merchant Lord Ssk Kahorr when the ship was destroyed traveling too close to the star Primus Goluud. The Sun Crusher also carried message pods, and Kyp Durron escaped its destruction by cramming himself into one.

Messenger pods or hyperspace messenger units were created and used solely by Kuat Drive Yards, around 4 ABY, to secretly record the actions of their customers and other engineering firms. With the return-trip navigational coordinates hardwired into the elongated silver ovoid that was a messenger pod, an accelerated decay module provided enough power for a one time jump in and out of hyperspace. Using a built-in identity probe and several self-destruct modules, the messenger pod genetically tested the opener to confirm that they were the correct recipient. After correctly dismantling the pod in a specific order, the opener found a highly modified holoprojector unit that played once then self-destructed.

Kuat of Kuat used a messenger pod to spy on the activities of the bounty hunter Boba Fett while he was in Jabba's Palace.

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