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Messenger droids, also called courier droids, were droids used to physically transport messages between locations. Several distinct models of messenger droids saw manufacturing, including the ASN courier droid, and the KUP24 messenger. Modified R4-series astromech droids saw use as courier droids by the Galactic Empire.


GOUD-4, a messenger droid enslaved on Kessel

Several distinct models of messenger droids existed in the galaxy, all with the purpose of transporting information. The ASN courier droid was a small flying courier droid[5] 0.3 meters in height,[6] which contained a small tube in which a message could be placed for delivery. However, the droid could also be modified to operate as an assassin, dispensing deadly items from its message canister.[2]

The KUP24 messenger was a small, flattened model that maneuvered close to the ground which saw use under enslavement by the Pyke Syndicate in the Spice Mines of Kessel.[7]

MSE-6 series repair droids, commonly known as mouse droids, were small, wheeled, black-plate general multipurpose labor droids that, among other functions, delivered messages across military instillations.[8]

An Imperial R4 courier droid

The Galactic Empire's Imperial Press Corps employed modified R4-series astromech droids as courier droids with the purpose of carrying sensitive information between distanced locations while avoiding networks.[9] R4 courier droids were specifically programmed by the Empire to be devoid of personality,[10] and sported specialized markings denoting their courier status.[9]



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