The Mestra system, in the Minos Cluster, contained no planets but had one of the most expansive asteroid fields in the galaxy, including the asteroid Javis-12. At least some of the asteroids on Mestra hosted mining operations. Though no accurate count had ever been made, it was estimated that there were at least 100 trillion sizable chunks of rock in the system, hundreds of them the size of small moons.[1] The Mestra system had some of the richest deposits of durelium ore, one of the more valuable metals in the galaxy, for it was essential in the construction of hyperdrives.[1]

The Javis-12 spaceport was the only asteroid in the system with any sort of landing beacon or starport. Javis-12 also had the only ship repair and refuel services available in the system (for which the charge was an even 200 percent of list price). The Javis-12 spaceport consisted of a series of domes and caves on one of the largest asteroids in the system. Javis-12 was roughly egg-shaped, and about 400 kilometers across. It was located on the edge of the asteroid belt. All spin had been taken off of the rock, and the spaceport faced directly away from the belt, making it fairly safe from asteroid hits.[1]

The Arcona Vegath Tist was forced to work as a miner in the system during a period of indentured servitude. He eventually fled the mines with anything he could steal at the time.[3]



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