"Gadrin and Hedrett are crowded and overly busy. We needed a base of operations that was more isolated, a lower-traffic area."
―Velin Wir[src]

On the 200th anniversary of Reidi Artom's founding of Gadrin, the envoy of the Metatheran Cartel, Velin Wir, announced to Cularin the Cartel's intention of building a new trading and distribution center on the planet. In actuality, there was already a Metatheran Cartel jungle base which would suit those purposes, built in secret. The base was a duracrete bunker set into a hill to the west of Gadrin. When actions taken by a group of pirates hired by Velin Wir led a group of Cularin's heroic residents to find the jungle base, Wir helped the heroes locate the pirates, taking partial credit for their defeat. The presence of the jungle base became known to Cularin at that time.[1] Following this revelation, the Cartel shifted most of its operations to the base, leaving open only the one office in Gadrin with two workers.[2]

Soon, a resistance movement formed to take action against perceived Cartel illegalities.[3] They gained some evidence against the Cartel, but needed two final files to make a solid case, and attacked the Cartel's jungle base to recover them from base's computers. Over sixty members of the resistance dispatched the six external Cartel guards, then met in a firefight with 125 more guards, who had all been in the staging area at the time of the attack. With both forces pinned down at either end of a narrow corridor, the Cartel's superior numbers were not able to be brought into play.[2]

The group of heroes who had been there over a month before were now with the resistance, and they slipped away from the fighting to find the base's computers and the necessary files. Velin Wir met them in the computer center and fought them with a lightsaber, but he was defeated. The Cartel guards surrendered when they realized they were in a disadvantageous position with no escape route. After the Gungans of the resistance led the defeated guards and other personnel out of the base, it was suddenly destroyed by a salvo from fire-linked turbolasers fired from a Cartel ship in orbit.[2]

The base had two hundred security guards stationed there, but up to half of them could be out on patrol at any one time. The personnel at the base were largely Caarites and some droids—such as 3B-IR, Y4-E and LS-121 in the personnel office—but there were also a few Filordi working in the mess hall and in the security headquarters.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

There is an interior map to the base provided in A Revelation. However, the map only has areas pertaining to the base's guards (barracks, mess, supply closet, staging area, and personnel office) and secured areas (security headquarters, records room), and has no space for all the commercial activities which the base had been supporting since the offices and warehouses were closed in Gadrin and Hedrett. It appears that the map only covers the security portion of the base, which was not able to be accessed internally from the commerical area—although there was a hidden escape passage beneath one of the terminals in the records room.

The map was specifically designed to make the heroes jump across the crossfire between the two opposing forces to reach the records room.[source?]




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