The Metatheran Cartel operations office was the chief office of the Metatheran Cartel in Gadrin, though it was not their only office there. This was Velin Wir's public office prior to the discovery of the existence of the Cartel's jungle base, and his secretary Lori worked here.[1] After the jungle base became public knowledge, the Cartel shifted most of its operations there, closing down many of their warehouses and all their other offices in Gadrin and Hedrett. The operations office was left with only two employees—office manager Manod Fea and secretary Jyll Xon—to maintain a public relations presence within the twin towns, as well as for its computers to serve as a data backup.[2]

A little over a month after the jungle base's discovery, the group who had discovered the base infiltrated the office on behalf of the Cularin resistance in order to gain evidence of the Cartel's illegal activities under Velin Wir. Wir also kept a personal datapad at that base, including important information, which could have been found at this point. Shortly thereafter, the resistance succeeded in exposing Wir and the Cartel claimed his activities were rogue, but withdrew their presence from Cularin for a time.[2]

At the time of the infiltration, the front room had only a single desk remaining, where Xon worked from dawn until dusk. Behind her desk was the door to Fea's office. Another set of doors led to the back room, which had banks of computers lining three of the walls. A safe was hidden under a sliding panel behind one of the computer banks. The security of the office included security cameras on an external feed, 2048-bit encryption on 7-character passwords on the front door and the safe. If alarms were set off or Xon activated a transmitter she wore on her wrist, Cartel security forces could arrive within minutes.[2]



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