Metellos 3 was an airless moon orbiting Metellos.

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The moon was notable for its collection of telescopic devices, which at one point, had attracted only academics and occasional tourists trying to escape the overcrowded planet below. But when the exploration of the galaxy began anew after the Great Sith War, locals discovered that they could use the devices to discover and explore new astronomical bodies.

With the co-operation of the Galactic Republic, Metellos 3 became the first of several "Planetary Futures Exchanges," offering the rights to the newly discovered astronomical objects. Since expeditions to the Outer Rim worlds were quite expensive, the investors wanted to know the risk and potential reward in advance. The Metellos Exchange provided this information, based on the astronomical data gathered, and then auctioned the claims.

In 3963 BBY, its market and lavish suites attracted financiers from every corner of the Republic.

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