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This individual was the commander of Havoc Squad during the Cold War.

Promoted swiftly from Sergeant to Lieutenant after the defection of all other Havoc squad members, this trooper was tasked by General Garza to both hunt down and bring down the traitors, and rebuild the Republic's most renowned, and decorated special forces squad.


A talented Republic sergeant who served tours in the Outer Rim was transferred to Ord Mantell during its civil war to join the Republic's most decorated special forces unit, Havoc Squad. The Sergeant was assigned to discover the location of a missing Republic bomb, all the while being criticized by Lieutenant Aric Jorgan for failing to extract an informant. When it was discerned that the bomb was taken to the separatists' volcano headquarters, Commander Harron Tavus explicitly ordered that the Sergeant remain at Fort Garnik while the rest of Havoc investigate. But when Havoc suddenly dropped off the grid, Jorgan decided to disobey Tavus' orders to send the Sergeant into the volcano to discover what had befallen Havoc. While transmitting the signal to deactivate the bomb, the Sergeant discovered Imperials forces allied with the separatists. Upon locating Havoc Squad, the Sergeant was shocked to discover the entirety of Havoc ready to defect over to the Empire. As Tavus explained, Havoc felt betrayed after the Senate chose to abandon them on Ando Prime. He did consider offering the Sergeant to join them but seeing as the Sergeant is too idealistic, Tavus decided to leave the Sergeant to die at the hands of an Imperial brigade. After Tavus' shuttle took off with the deactivated bomb and a squad full of traitors, the Sergeant is fight off the Imperials and returned to base.

Upon returning, the Sergeant learned that Republic Command was well aware of Tavus' betrayal after witnessing the events through the Sergeant's armor camera. They then demoted Jorgan to sergeant as a scapegoat while promoting the Sergeant to lieutenant and new Havoc CO.

Joined by Jorgan, the CO journeyed to Coruscant to be placed under General Garza's command, and learn that Tavus had led hundreds of Republic Special Forces to defect to Empire. The only advantage the Republic has is Havoc, as Tavus presumes the CO to have died. Though Jorgan was all for going out to hunt down Tavus and his followers, Garza stressed that they must first take out the traitors' underworld contacts on Coruscant. In the midst of performing these missions, as well as questionable directives from Garza, the CO was summoned to a Senate hearing regarding Havoc's defection.

Afterwards, Garza confirmed the reappearance of Jek Kardan, Havoc's founder and Tavus' mentor, and stressed the need to bring him in alive. Havoc eventually tracked Kardan to The Works, where he was guarding a transmitter connecting all the Havoc traitors. Havoc managed to destroy the transmitter and convinced Kardan to help bring in his comrades.

Behind the scenes

This article represents the character story of the Republic trooper player class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game from LucasArts and BioWare. As a result of being player determined, no canonical description of this individual is currently available; therefore, the article presents the subject's gender as neutral.

The male Trooper is voiced by Brian Bloom and the female Trooper is voiced by the prolific voice actress of many Star Wars characters, including Bastila Shan and the female Jaden Korr, Jennifer Hale.


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